Advantage Benefits

Benefits or burgers? For only $3.50 a month, one single membership card lets you protect your identity, provide your family benefits in case of an accident, and save on groceries that you buy every day…. All for the price of enjoying one quick burger!

Girard National Bank knows that every family wants to save money. With today’s tight household budgets in every family, Girard National Bank has listened to your needs and offers you a great benefits package for pennies a day. Sign up for ADVANTAGE benefits and start saving today!

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. $20,000 coverage provided immediately! If joint account, total coverage splits evenly among all authorized signers.
  • Prescription Drug Card. You and your family will receive discounts on many of your prescriptions through your local participating pharmacies and major chains.
  • Shopping, Travel and Entertainment Discounts. Get shopping rewards, and savings on groceries (up to $1,000) entertainment (up to 67% on major magazines) and travel (20% on rental cars and even more on cruises and vacation packages)!
  • Identity IQ. Rest easy knowing you have daily credit monitoring of three major credit bureaus, credit score tracking, fraud alert assistance, and ID Theft coverage .
  • Living Family Journal. Organize, record and document personal, medical and financial information with your Living Family Journal.

If purchased separately all the above items would total $1,275 each year. But with Girard National Bank’s Advantage Program you can get ALL the above added to your account for only $3.50 per month! Enroll today by visiting your local branch.

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