Identity Theft Services

identity theftGNBank would like to warn our customers about phony telephone calls and automated messages (robocalls) that purport to be from GNBank. This fraudulent activity known as “phishing” attempts to acquire sensitive information, such as account numbers, passwords or PIN numbers, for use in accessing financial accounts. These “phishing” scammers have only phone numbers and geographic information. They do not have any personal financial information! We would like to inform you that GNBank would never telephone you to verify or obtain your account or debit card information. Finally, please DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE OR RELEASE INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET!

GNBank recommends that customers:

  1. Never provide personal information, including financial account details and Social Security Numbers, to anyone unknown to them.
  2. Use great caution before providing personal information that could be used to access financial accounts through e-mail or the Internet.
  3. Never provide account information over the phone when contacted unexpectedly by someone claiming to be from a bank or credit union; follow up with the institution by phone or in person.
  4. Safeguard passwords, PIN numbers and other account-accessing details or codes; never write that information on credit/debit cards or carry in a wallet or purse.
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