When it comes to security, we have you covered. GNBank’s MyCardRules puts you in charge of who uses your GNBank debit card and how they use it. The best part is, MyCardRules is easy to set up!
With MyCardRules, you can:

  • Turn your card on and off if it is lost, stolen, or being misused.
  • Get instant alerts when your debit card is used.
  • Set dollar limits to control your spending.
  • Prevent transactions that do not match your settings.

MyCardRules provides another way that GNBank helps you safely and securely manage your money. Log into your online or mobile banking account today to get started! Don’t have online or mobile banking? Visit to enroll, and download the GNBank Mobile Banking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today. Still have questions? Feel free to contact your local GNBank for assistance.

Here’s how to set up MyCardRules:

  • Go to GNBank’s online or mobile banking dashboard, select “Accounts,” and then select the appropriate account.
  • Go to “Card Management” and choose a card.
  • Finally, tap “Alerts and Protection” and choose the controls you would like to apply to that card.