MasterCard Debit Cards and VISA Gift Cards

The list of debit card possibilities go on…..and on……
Use your MasterCard debit card anywhere you would use cash, checks or credit. But with less hassle and more security. With debit cards, you can quickly and securely access your money, whenever and wherever you want.

Debit Cards

visa gift cards debit atm cardsYour MasterCard debit card issued by GNBank allows you to pay for things in an instant at over 2 million locations, wherever you see that MasterCard is accepted.

To order a new or replacement MasterCard debit card – contact your local branch.  To activate your new MasterCard debit card – Call 1-800-290-7893

PIN-debit transactions are authorized against your account, providing you with an additional layer of protection that ensures only you are accessing your funds.

Setting or changing your PIN is easy.  Please call 1-800-290-7893 to set or change your PIN.   You may also change your PIN at your branches ATM.

To Report your Debit Card Lost or Stolen contact your local bank immediately, or if after hours call 888-297-3416 (if calling from within the United States).  If you are outside the United States call:   206-389-5200.



visa gift cards debit atm cards

Looking for the perfect gift? How about something that is always the right size and color! No need to look any further. The GNBank Visa GiftCard is a prepaid gift card in the exact amount you want! Contact our locations closest to you for your Visa GiftCard.