Where’s My 2021 Federal Economic Impact Payment?

The IRS has begun distributing payments from the latest round of Economic Impact Payments through direct deposit and U.S. Postal Service. Per the IRS, the initial direct deposit payments will be accessible on March 17, 2021. Payments will be issued over several weeks and will be available on Wednesday of each week.

If you have provided the IRS information for electronic payments, your payment may show as pending in your online/mobile banking account before funds are available.

If you have not provided the IRS your current account information for electronic payments, the IRS will mail paper checks or Treasury-issued prepaid cards beginning March 15, 2021.

To check if an Economic Impact Payment has been deposited into your account, use our online and mobile banking services. You may also call your local GNBank office, or our call center at (888) 675-8223, to check on the status of your payment or request assistance.

The IRS has a tool—Get My Payment—to provide a method to check the status of your Economic Impact Payments. An additional feature of Get My Payment allows eligible persons the ability to provide their current bank account information and address. You can find this tool HERE